Monday, December 30, 2013

Doing a little work before I leave out on the 5th

Well I wheeled Beto out of her current storage room berth to let her have some fresh air. I've been working on sanding the forward decks down smooth and getting the fillets inside/underside of the cabin top done. An orbital sander really need to be purchased at this time! All that's really left on the outsides is fillets along the upper deck stringers and underneath sheerstringers, filling the gap along the keep and rounding it, rounding edges of decks, hatch coamings, and final fairing/epoxy coat for glass. It sounds like a lot, but really shouldn't take toooo long.

I gave the trailer some fresh 12" tires. Beto likes being back outside. 2015 she will be afloat! I decided against windows as it would be just one more area to worry about keeping sealed, and I think it would look a little weird with the dodgers that will be fitted. Still debating on installing a beaching skid along the keel. I also ended up going with 19X24 inch hatch openings to which a sliding hatch will be fitted. A 10" ventilation hatch will be fitted at the forward section of the cabin top. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

I have decided not to sell Beto. I can't let life's problems stop the dream! That being said, I'm now looking at a Spring 2015 launch date. I have to work out Of the country all year, but will come back with an enormous cruising kitty, ready to get her finished and get sailing!

Current Home for Beto

Finished trailer in a day and a half. I'm going to make better cradles eventually, but for now she rolls fine.