Monday, October 6, 2014


Well I have been avoiding the interior cabin top and hull to deck joint fillets like the plague for a while now. Something about epoxy icing in a zip lock bag while inside a cramped Tiki 21 hull with little room to maneuver seems like a terrible proposition! With the cool Fall weather, though, I started in on them today. Much to my surprise and despite not touching epoxy for the past ten months, the process went really smoothly. The starboard hull is done on the inside except for the anchor locker. I plan on knocking the rest out and the port hull in the morning while it's still cool. I have also sanded the decks down and faired in the miscellaneous stitch holes and started fairing the cabin top to deck joint for a nice rounded edge. She's starting to get a little bit sexier!

I stuffed the spinnaker and life jackets in the vent hatch holes to mitigate sanding dust intrusion.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Back in the US!

Well I finally made it back, and brought Beto out for a little sunbathing today. Plans are to start back on her on Monday. Stoked!