Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sailing with Roger on Little Cat

We are evading the winter rains of Florida with a two month road trip out West which also is aiding in getting Ali comfortable with living in a small space :)  Anyways, Roger Sullivan graciously let us go sailing on Little Cat in San Francisco on New Years Eve. It was a real treat to accomplish a goal of sailing under the Golden Gate for the first time and even better to achieve such a feat on a Tiki 21 like Beto when there are so few of them around the States. Thanks again Roger for hooking us up! We are even more excited to move onto Beto in late February and start cruising Florida after today.

Check out Roger's blog here:

Tide Against us in Racoon Straits until we got halfway through. Wharrams do go to windward, albeit a little slowly! 

Ali could get cold in the heat of a Mississippi summer afternoon. Despite this, she never complains, so we like her ;)