Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I pulled Beto out of storage to give her some air today. As one can see in the photos, the telescoping trailer works, and the forward decks have been glassed. I taught my girlfriend to apply glass and use power sanders, so I hope to be putting her to work when I start back! In the second photo our 10" ventilation hatches for the cabins can be seen. All of the upper decks have been coated with epoxy and are ready for glass. I just have to wait for the weather now!

Things that are left to do:

  • Varnish cabins
  • Install anchor locker hatch coamings and make hatches
  • Glass hulls and Rudders
  • Finish Crossbeams
  • Install main hatch coamings and build hatches
  • Fill glass and Fair
  • Paint Everything
  • Rig
  • Sail!

It seems like a lot to do when listed out here, but I should definitely be in the water sometime in the month of May.