Thursday, December 13, 2012

Working on Hull 2

I had to go out of town last week for some work, so the boat didn't really get any attention. This week, however, I have gotten back to working pretty conisistently. The goal for this week is to get my port hull filleted and to go 3D with the starboard hull. We glued up the sheerstringers for the second hull, and I am making the keel today. I also added the backing pads for the front beam and the shroud pads to the port hull.  The stem and skeg are already shaped and sanded, so once I get the keel done I can stitch up the hull. The bulkheads always seem to take so much work between the gluing of bunk and deck braces, coating, sanding, etc. The only thing holding me back with these is the pre-notched deck braces. These are fitted on the forward and aft side of the cabin section. All of the other braces are flush with the top of the bulkheads, so I only  have to cut the excess and belt sand them flush along the curve. However, these pre-shaped braces have to be, well, pre-shaped and notched before being glued on. I don't know why I hate making these so much. It's a toss up between using the table saw and making pre-notched deck braces. On a lighter note, our mast arrived last week, and I must say that a mast failure seems completely improbable. This beefy piece of aluminum has a 4" outer diameter with 1/8" thick walls. All we have to do is cut 2.5' off of the tube and get a plate welded on top with a tang fore and aft for main and spinnaker halyards. Our main sail is a "wing sail" designed by Wharram. It uses no track and has a sleeve that wraps around the whole mast. Anyways, here are some pictures...

Backing pads. The forward compartment there is for sealed buoyancy, and the hole will be fitted with a 6" diameter inspection/deck plate.

Once again, the mast is burly

                                                                   Endless Stirring!

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  1. Boats looks great! Where did you get the mast section from? Certainly a lot quicker then building the wood mast:)