Friday, February 1, 2013

Bunks Glued

Today I sanded down the second coat of epoxy and finally glued the fixed bunk sections in (port hull). I can't wait for these to cure so i can fillet them and start sleeping in the hull a little bit. Once I get these filleted, I'm going to bring the starboard hull up to speed. I need to install the stiffeners, shape and attach bunk bearers, coat bunks, and tape the bilge and keel fillets on it to get it to the same point as the port hull. The bunks are already cut, which will save time, and I have gotten better with the glass tape and stuff which will save time as well. I learn/ figure out everything on the port hull (which will be mine upon completion), so the starboard hull is typically quicker and easier as a result, and typically looks better :/    We want just an overall workboat finish, but I think it's looking pretty nice so far. I can't wait to varnish the cabins. Varnish will be more maintenance, but I favor the warm feel and look of the wood finish inside. During winter, a white painted cabin just looks and feels cold to me.

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