Sunday, June 1, 2014

America de Central

Well I've been working down in Central America along the coast for a couple of months now, and I'm so stoked to finish out this work with a bunch of funds to start voyaging. I mapped out what's left on Beto, and if I work hard it should only take about eight weeks to get her in the water. After starting the project, going through some very heavy life experiences in the middle of it, and finding my drive again, I feel this break is proving very beneficial towards the re-kindling of my Tiki 21 dreams. I came close to posting her up for sale last year, but there would be no point in giving up and making all of the work I've put into her so far meaningless. Adding to my stoke-factor, living on the Caribbean side of Central America to this slower pace, seeing others out actually cruising, has done everything to solidify and inspire me to get Beto on the water. For now I'll just keep renting Hobies and growing the funds...

Gorgeous Water out at the Islands

Anchored Out

There Are Worse Places to Make Money...


  1. Hey brad, I'm nearing completion of a little Wharram Melanesia sailing canoe after like three years. I am week's away from completion, but look back on the gap year in my build/blog as just something that had to happen, after all I'd lost my dad and things got too hard back then. Now it's different, I'm ready and dreaming of sailing fast and of building a bigger Wharram for voyaging. Good luck, don't sweat the delay too much. Terry.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, Terry. Life is full of calms and when the wind finally fills your sails again, off you go! I personally feel that if I stick to Beto through my own human based hardship that she will stick with me through anything in her element in the future. Fair winds!

  3. P.S. Don't discourage the Tiki 21. She's lacking in sitting headroom, but a dodger will fix that. Plus, a 180lb hull is a lot easier to maneuver than a 440lb hull! My girlfriend and I fit quite nicely into Beto's hulls.