Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today I got around to getting the port hull forward deck glassed. I wanted to start the starboard hull, but we have a large cold front coming through, and the rain was starting to fall as I finished up the port section. As can be seen in the photo, I have a couple of bubbles where I couldn't get the glass to smooth down. The upper deck stringers are a little larger than the plans suggested for a solid foothold while bouncing around, and it was a bit ambitious to hope that everything would lay smooth. It's no big deal though; I'll sand the area out tomorrow and put a couple of patches over the spots and have everything covered. This was the largest area I've ever glassed at one time, and I think it went ok. Unfortunately it's supposed to be super cold for the next few days, so I'll have to wait to try again. I'm planning to glass around the sheer stringers with both the deck glass layer and the topsides layer to have nice protection around the impact areas.

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