Monday, January 12, 2015

Epoxy Work

Today I sanded all of the bunk removable sections and beam lashing pads down to 120 grit. I also worked on some of the small windvane pieces, mainly the brackets that will hold the vane to the base. The plans call for a 1/4" hole to put a bolt through, so I cut out 1/2" holes and filled them all with thickened epoxy in order to seal the wood once I go back and cut out the planned 1/4" ones. This is the same thing I have done with the rudder lashing areas and most anywhere that will see a bolt coming through the wood. I also made some mini fillets (cosmetic) on the wind vane base and the vane itself. Once the holes are hardened up and re-drilled I will be able to finish putting everything together and ready for paint! I should be done with all of these small pieces by the end of the week and ready to start on the crossbeams and miles and miles of fillets.........not stoked. The upside is that once it warms up again, I will just have to glass the hulls, paint, rig, and take off!

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