Monday, October 12, 2015

Sail covers and Tramp

Sewed these up. Im no seamstress, but for $90 Shes looking much more like a proper yacht now.


  1. They look fine. I started sewing about 15 years ago and have saved thousands of dollars. And there is pleasure in the creation and learning new skills. Any old machine will do, I'm still using a 1937 Singer and have built everything from sails to sail sail bags. Keep up the good work!

  2. No, I ordered them from Westaway sails in the UK. I'm engineless, so I wanted super bomber sails. They are five oz UV treated Dacron with three reefs in the main and one in the jib.

  3. Noticed the cover over your netting deck. Is that just a temporary thing, or does it provide comfort/utility?

    Also, as you just finished your build I'm curious what your advice would be to someone faced with a choice. Build a Tiki 21, or buy a used Tiki 21 that needs new beams and a port hull (assuming that the rest of the starboard hull and other pieces check out fine). I'm a bit nervous that once I start "rebuilding" it may have just been easier to build from scratch.

  4. Jonathan, the trampoline is just tied on top of the net for sailing in most conditions. It is more comfortable than the net, but can be rolled up if the wind starts going over 25 knots.

    That's a hard choice. I would probably just build from scratch, in all honesty. That way you know what you've got 100 percent. I kind of wish I had had the option to build the Mana 24 when I started, but I've been very pleased with Beto's performance, especially in some higher winds under reefed sails. She just wants to get up and go! Sometimes I do miss having a slower, predictable full keeler when Beto starts trying to surf on me when I don't want it to be happening! Hope that helps.