Monday, October 24, 2016



  1. Sweet blog Brad. Just found out about and glanced over it. Thank you making this information public. Kudos for perseverance.
    Do you have an estimate of how many man hours it took to build it?
    I'm seriously thinking of building a new Mana 24 when it comes out. I know it's a bigger boat but JWD plans to sell it as "a precise kit of CNC cut plywood parts, epoxy and glass cloth" which should save a considerable amount of time. I just have no idea if it's 10% or 50%.. Probably something in the middle. Any thoughts?

  2. Hey man. Beto took me around a year and a half of work stretched out to around three years total time. I stopped counting hours shortly into the build, but I believe you could build the Mana 24 in a year or so for sure and probably less depending on how your skills are working on the weekends.