Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dodgers Installed!

I managed to glue the dodgers down to the decks last week. They still need exterior and interior fillets and glass tape and paint, but they are on for now. We spent the night aboard, and Ali is wayyyyy happier with the increased room and visibility now. All in all, I can't believe that I haven't made these sooner. You can now sit upright as if in a chair (sitting on top of dodgers), instead of sitting with your knees up in your chest.

We also got a new black nylon reacher that pulls us so much better in the light stuff. We can also tack easily with just the reacher up. Wharram Tikis sail so well!


Happy camper

Fighter Jet or Star Wars Rebel Fighter (depending on nerd status level)

Sleek Lines

Before and After


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  1. Hi,
    I have broken my cental platform yesterday, and would like to know if you may pass me the information of your own platform. I have seen that it is made of 12 planks aof cedar, 1"x6", but how are they fixed on the hulls, and how do you hold your engine (if you have one).
    With regards,