Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Progressing Still

So now I have all of the bunk braces installed on the bulkheads. We are now shifting focus to the hull panels, sheerstringers, keel, stem, and skegs. Now that I have listed it, it sounds like a lot of work! Anyways, we built a box on which to assemble the hull panels, because our garage isn't a flat, level surface. In the morning I will be gluing up the first hull panel. My father-in-law is coming into town on Friday, so we really want to have the hulls stitched up for him to check out. Hopefully if we crack down and work hard we can get the hulls to that point. Grace also bought me the Gill OS2 Smock for my birthday, which I'm pretty stoked about.

         The seal factor on this jacket is insane. Sealable neck, cuffs, and waist. It's basically
a paddling dry-top but much more burly.

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