Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working Again

Today we went and picked up all of the lumber for the bunkbearers, deckstringers, sheerstringers, and keel. I will begin getting it all down to size tomorrow and fitting these parts to the bulkheads. Today we got all of the bulkhead lines marked on all of the hull panels. Then we sanded the panels down and used a brush to wipe off all of the shavings. We then brought the panels inside to the nice climate controlled "epoxy room" and got two coats on most of the panels. We ran out of room on the middle section panels, so they will get coated tomorrow. It feels good to be working again, and it feels really good to actually have some help! We watched Thomas Nielsen's video on spreading epoxy, and we followed his tactics. I spread the epoxy out with a window squeegee (we are going to get a smaller one; the big one didn't bend very well) while Grace followed behind with a foam roller, smoothing everything out. Once we got our system down, it went really quickly.

Getting ready to sand. Don't worry, the OSB is NOT for the tiki!

Epoxy really makes the wood look good. It will be interesting to see how some varnish adds to it later on. 


  1. Looks great! I love how much the epoxy brightens the wood... and the okoume has great color. I'm glad you are leaving the insides bright. Keep up the good work!