Monday, March 11, 2013

Well the weather is finally starting to warm up! I have filleted all of the bunks, top and bottom, on the port hull. Getting underneath and applying fillets to the bunks' undersides was a bit of a pain, but I used the zip lock bag method and it worked out pretty well. I mix the fillet material (microfibres, silica, and wood flour) and then scoop it into a ziplock bag, keeping it all in one of the corners of the bag. Then I squeeze the air out and twist up the bag and cut a hole in the corner. I then essentially have a cake icing setup, which allows easy and even flow of the epoxy into tight corners whilst bent over the hull and looking into a dark bilge. The use of a flashlight to help light up the working area proved quite helpful as well. I plan on glass taping all of the fillets tomorrow, and installing the diagonal stiffeners in the starboard hull as well. I really want to be ready for decks by the first of April. If this warm weather holds up, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

All nice and filleted. I really like the hue of the wood flour compared to our plywood.

We also got in our first shipment of rigging. Today I received:
Traveller Control Line Clam Cleats and Block
Swage Tool
Downhaul Clam Cleat
Jib Sheet Cleats and Blocks (One Block was Shipped Seperately)
Jib Halyard Block and Cleat (Black Horn)
Main Sail Blocks and Snaphook
Main Halyard Blocks and Cleats

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