Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Stable Cockpit

After sailing on Little Cat, Ali has been begging for a platform in the cockpit. I didn't want to spend $90 a sheet for the three additional sheets of Okoume I'd need, so I decided to go with a slatted deck. A slatted deck will also drain much better if we take a breaker over the deck. I'm using cedar 1x6 boards, so the whole thing is very light but strong. Some rigidity in the cockpit would be a nice change for daily life, especially when it comes to cooking, raising the mast, and sleeping on deck. Today I got the deck fitted to the crossbeams, and all that's left is working out the lateral support system in between.

It was getting dark when I took the photos, so I'll add some more later on.


  1. Hi Brad, Tom Jones was also using cedar slats. He said he put up with the weight to have the comfort, but also said that cedar soaks up water and become heavier.

  2. I'm using TWP stain to seal out the slats. If it gets too heavy, I'll just go back to trampoline. It's still lighter than the standard platform.

  3. im just thinking about making one...what is the cost roughly?