Friday, February 26, 2016

Refit Almost Complete

While having Beto in the water for a month last Fall, I had a few things I wanted to change up before heading to the sea where I have no garage to work. Moving hardware around, building the cedar deck, making some net lashing strips, and installing dodgers are a few of the things on the list. The non-stop rain here in the South has really lengthened the time I thought I would be working. 

However, I should be finished up with all of the refit changes by Sunday night. That means we will be in Florida by next weekend ready to cruise! Ali had off of work until the end of May, but her boss decided to force her back at the end of March. Due to this hiccup, she'll only be sailing for a month or so and I will be looking for another crew member in April/May. The HUI is at the end of May this year, and we damn sure will be there this time!!! After the HUI, we'll sail up to Pensacola where Beto will be moored for the hurricane season and used for weekend and day trips. 

I ended up making some hardwood lashing strips for the net. They are all epoxied. Tomorrow I'll varnish and install them. 

After an hour of scrubbing black death bird shit off of her. I had the cover off for three hours, and with my luck the birds decided to strike. 

Tested out the stain for the deck. The stain company advised to wait at least a month before staining to let it all dry out properly. We can't wait to apply it!

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