Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We spent a couple of days sailing in Panama City. The winds were kicking out of the Southeast and forecast called for a week straight of rain. That being said, we are almost down to the Keys and will be putting Beto in tomorrow afternoon where she'll await a long journey back to Pensacola under her own power. 60 knots by land is a nice function of the Tiki 21!

Cedar Deck

Rough Weather Outside this Bayou Channel


  1. hi Brad,

    This slatted platform looks good!
    I noticed that you have some kind of framing for spray hood on the main hatch…?


  2. Thanks man. We really like the slatted deck! It has wide gaps so should drain really well if washed over. Yeah we have the spray hood frames up. I'm still debating on the best way to attach the canvas to them and may go with stainless snaps or just glue them.