Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Got the boot!

Betos fifth construction site move. Next move should be to anchor. Almost there!


  1. Would love to be invited to the launch.

  2. Congratulation Brad! I bet you are pretty excited to see how She sails!

    Fair winds,

  3. Thanks, Agur. I'm so ready to be done! I bet you are starting to hate fillets at this point.

    1. You are damn right, Brad :)) Those little fillets underside of the bunks made me wish I have been born as a bat - completing those is a decent job for some species of cheiroptera

      Bytheway what sort of paint did you used for outside (I'll guess some of 2-component) and how did you applied it?

      Did you just used brush and carefully laid paint layer by layer or did you sanded it between to get smoother surface?

  4. I hated doing those, Agur. I used two part primer and then used Epifanes Monourethane for the top coats. I just applied it with a foam cabinet roller using the roll and roll method. I have some orange peel, but it looks good enough for me. I didn't really care about a great finish, so I just lightly hand sanded between coats with 150 grit. It looks good from ten feet, but of course in evening sun at weird angles the flaws to all show.