Thursday, September 24, 2015


After three years of off and on work, five build locations, and the development of pure hate for epoxy fillets, the 931st Tiki 21 has been put into the water! She floats, and she hauls ass! We had an epic sunset for the launch, and then the wind picked up to around ten knots and we did some great night sailing afterwards. After bouncing around on the net, it needs another tightening session, but it's so worth it to be chilling in a 21' long hammock while drinking wine doing eight knots. She doesn't tack super well, but I probably just need to do some more experimenting. After all, though, she is a boardless cat. Stoked! GoPro footage is coming shortly.


  1. Congratulations again, Brad! She sails!!

    Pretty clever way to attach the net - this seems to be all made from one piece, from fore to aft? I decided from beginning that I will go for net instead of plywood platform.

    Another modification that Im considering is those main hatches - you went for sliding hatches if I see correctly. Its a bit early to ask, but how do you feel about those?


  2. Thanks, Agur. She sails great. Seeing her float instantly made all of the bs worth it.

    I can take some pics of the net attachment if you'd like. I got some tips from Rory on tightening it up and stuff.

    I also really like the hatches. They slide on 1" aluminum angle. It's very smooth and much more secure feeling than the standard hatches. They are also set up for dodgers, which will be a true blessing on board. Do you want me to post some pictures and dimensions of the hatch design?


  3. Congratulations Brad - Beto looks great. Happy sailing!

  4. Yes, if you could post some close pictures from trampoline attachments and about hatch modifications, it would be great!



  5. Congratulations, the man who build a boat, is one warrior...

    Good winds