Thursday, September 24, 2015


Here are some shots of the finished product. All we have to do today is raise the mast, put on the tillers and tiller bar, and drop her in the water! She turned out looking pretty good, but always room for more perfection. We are going to raise the mast up when my buddy gets off work in a little while, and he's going to do some GoPro action. He is a skydiving videographer, you know, a real pro, so we should come up with a pretty good launch vid.


  1. Hi Brad,
    I haven't found any reference to your mast construction. It looks like aluminum. How did you build it?
    I am thinking about (planning to...) build a Tiki. Your looks great. Good job!

  2. Hey, Mike. I ordered a 24' aluminum tube from metals depot, got the top plate and hooks for stays custom welded, and built a wooden mast foot to plan to insert into the bottom. Total cost was around 650 USD

  3. I would wait and build the new Mana 24. That thing is sick! The tiki may be better to windward though.