Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I finished lofting up the hull panels, butt blocks, and bulkheads yesterday afternoon. The use of a giant square made things go pretty smoothly. I need to stop being so particular on measuring everything out ten times. Three or four checks should be more than plenty! My wife is deployed right now, so I have a buddy coming over tomorrow to help hold the batten for drawing out the smooth curves of the hulls and bulkheads.

                                                                  My lofting room

I found this extra crisp Asym Spinnaker from an old boat of mine in storage. The luff is 22', which should work with the Tiki. Free Kite=Sweet

This is my workshop area. It feels strange to me to be renting a full size house, but all of the climate controlled workspace is a great justification! The garage is 23' deep and around 16' wide. This means I can build both hulls at the same time, which should cut down on build time (hopefully).

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