Friday, August 24, 2012


Well I have slowed down a lot, as per my wife's request, but I'm still creeping along. I got all of the hull panels sanded down to the line. Now, all that I'm waiting on is the sheerstringers, keels, stems, and sternposts. I should be able to cut all of these fairly quickly. Tomorrow I will be picking up and cutting the lumber for the sheerstringers and keels. I got a sweet circular saw off of Craigslist last week for ripping. Monday, I plan on picking up the sheet of 18mm ply for my stems and sternposts. Our epoxy is also scheduled to arrive early next week. I decided to go with Raka epoxy out of Florida after talking to several other Tiki owners who have used it with good results. If all goes well, I should have everything ready for stitching by the end of next week. I may wait to stitch it all up until Grace gets back, but I am for sure waiting on her to push in the bulkheads. That step, in my mind, is sort of a monumental step in the build. You get to see everything in 3D for the first time, and it should serve as a great justification of all the work I have been doing with a bunch of flat pieces of plywood. Once she gets back, we will be working much harder than I am now, so the blog won't be as sluggish.

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