Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still Cutting

I have been cutting a lot. The hull panels and bulkheads alone equal up to twelve full sheets of plywood. That's a lot of jigsaw and belt sander use. Today I got the holes for the bunk area cut into all of the bulkheads (6 total). The other three bulkheads will remain solid. The Tiki 21 has buoyancy chambers in the bow and stern of each hull. This makes the boat "unsinkable". At least if the main cabin fills with water, or we capsize, these chambers should keep us afloat. There is another storage area forward of the bunk that is accessable from outside the hull. This provides another sealed area in the case of a hole in the boat. Basically, each hull is a giant sea kayak. I finished sanding all four bow panels down to the pencil line as well today. All I have to do tomorrow is sand three middle and three stern sections down. Then I can move on to the stem, sternpost, keel, and sheerstringers............then I can stitch it all up and see what this boat is going to look like for real.

This is the way I drew out the curves for the hole in each bulkhead. I measured the distance on the ply strip first. Then hammered it into the bulkhead. Then used the other nail as a pencil to mark the line.

 Here are the holes for the bunk sections. Bulkheads are in line with each other in the picture.

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