Friday, August 17, 2012

More Cutting

Today I took the belt sander to all of the cut out parts and sanded down to the pencil line on all of them. This took a while. I then got the midde and stern sections cut out as well as the last bulkhead. Now I have templates for everything. I no longer have to loft the lines onto the plywood. I can just use the templates as a guide. This will be MUCH faster, and I plan to have all of the bulkheads and hull panels cut out by tomorrow. That way I can start working on the keel and sheerstringers. I have to go pick up a sheet of 18mm ply for the stem, sternpost, and rudders. Anyways, here are the pics...............

                                                       I can finally get a feel for the size

Everything lines up well!

The bulkheads (minus one) The stock plans call for a three inch drop from the inboard to outboard edge of the top of the bulkheads. I am pretty tall, so I changed this to a one inch drop instead. It will give Grace and me a little more room without altering the lines of the boat too much. Every bit of room counts in a Tiki 21. Tomorrow I will cut the holes for the bunks out of the middle three bulkheads pictured here.

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