Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grace cut all of the plywood webs for the beams today, and I (finally) finished all of the fillets for the port hull. I did eight in a row, which took me quite a while. Between the mixing, adding filler, applying, shaping, cleaning, and cleaning tools, the fillets really end up taking a good amount of time. I'm trying to be pretty hard on myself with the fillets, as we are finishing the cabins bright instead of painting, but we are overall going for a workboat finish. We want to spend more time sailing and not staring at some tiny details! The exterior is where the serious fairing will take place. All I have to do now is glass tape all of the fillets in my hull before I can final coat the bilges and start fitting the bunks. We are going to paint the buoyancy chambers and anchor lockers white for better visibility in each.

Plywood Web for Crossbeams and Panel for the Windvane

Fillets are Finally Done! All of the white is just sanded epoxy. It will all go nice and clear again with the final coat.

Now to repeat all of this work on the starboard hull :(

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