Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Warm Weather!

Today was an outstanding 70 degrees, and I managed to glue up the bunk bearers to the bunks, fill the screw holes in the port hull, and get some starboard hull fillets done. I also sanded and rounded the corners of the starboard hull diagonal stiffeners. Tomorrow I'm going to final coat the bilges after a little sanding to prepare for bunk installation. I'm also going to coat the bunks and stiffeners with the first coat of epoxy. Oh yeah, I also made some mini-fillets along the top edges of the diagonal stiffeners in the port hull, to give it some real pizzazz. It turns out that slacklining in conjunction with boat work helps me relax and get some frustration out. I can take a break whenever I need it, and head to the front yard for some balancing!

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