Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting on Beams

I spent a long time today belt sanding all of the beam webs down to the pencil line. Then, I stacked them together and sanded everything down flush. They are all pretty even and equal now. To my amazement, I realized that one of the webs was thicker than all of the rest! We couldn't fit all of the webs on one piece of ply like the plan suggests, so we went over Christmas and got another sheet of what was supposed to be 5/8" ply. Well it turns out that this new piece is actually about 3/4". We should have measured it at World Panel I guess? I thought it was safe to assume that a lumber distributor would be organized enough to know what's what in their warehouse. Oh well. Now I am going to cut another web tomorrow from the 3/4" to make things even, and I think we are going to just use this for the mast beam, since it takes additional loading from the mast. I guess that's just one more thing that is beefed up now. I also got all of the butt blocks cut, and after I cut the new web tomorrow, I will glue them all up. Here are some pictures:

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