Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I guess we have a cold front coming through, because it topped out at 43 degrees today and will stay like this until Friday. As a result, I didn't do any epoxy work today. I did, however, get all of the bunk bearers sanded down (corners rounded). I am going to glue them on tomorrow and let them cure downstairs in the epoxy room. Even without the heater our house stays around 60 degrees inside. I also drilled out all the holes to get them ready for filling with thickened epoxy. Since it will be cold, I have decided to go ahead and cut out some smaller parts like the tillers, tiller bar, gaff, hardwood pieces (beam end cleats, dolphin striker, etc). We'll see how far I get before I get fed up with the insidious table saw!

All nice and sanded

Here's an idea of the room in the forward section of the bunk! I took a solid hour nap in there. There aren't many pics out there of the actual cabin size of a Tiki 21, so here you go!


  1. I really appreciate the photo of you in the bunk -- I want to build either a tiki 21 or 26, and trying to get a sense of how comfy the cabin size is.

    Those rounded edges look really fancy -- all looks really good, great work!

  2. Thanks, Justine. We too debated between the Tiki 21, 26, and the Pahi 26 for a while. We decided on the 21 for ease of manhandling the hulls, trailering, BUILDING, etc. Staying on Brandon Gamble's 21, Element, Grace and I managed to sleep comfortably in the same hull (head to head). This really made us happy with our decision. If you are used to spartan living, a hull to yourself is really immaculate, in my opinion. I'd be happy to take some more pics in there and email them to you if you would like a more concrete idea of the space. Each hull has 12 linear feet of bunk.

    1. Yes, when it comes down to it, I don't want to spend more years of life building one boat than I get to go sailing on it -- and those 5 extra feet of the tiki 26/pahi 26 seem to represent just that much more time, complication, and cost. Simplicity is best.

      It's good to hear that two can sleep in the 12 linear feet. Even from the study plans, I couldn't quite figure out if that was the case. Thanks!

      I hope to go down to Seattle sometime in the next week or two to see some Tikis in person that exist down there, but if you have some pics handy I'm always interested in taking a look. -- justobella@hotmail.com