Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Biaxial Keel Strip

Today I laid the 1708 biaxial tape along the keel. It is some beefy stuff to say the least! I laid it upside down on a plastic sheet to wet it out from the bottom before laying it along the keel. After that I did two more fill coats of epoxy thickened with silica and phenolic microballoons. It is now filled in completely, and I will sand it down in the morning and add fairing compound along the edges to fair it to the hull. I also cut out and shaped the sheerstringer doublers today and will get them glued, filleted, and glassed in tomorrow. All 12 of them :(   Ali was in town this past weekend, and she helped me wet out the glass along the anchor locker coamings, coat main hatch coamings, sand toe rails, and helped a buddy and myself to flip the hulls over. She's getting pretty stoked for the launch and quitting her job in November to go cruising! Tomorrow I will sand and fair in the biaxial, install the doublers, and lay down a final barrier coat of clear epoxy that will then be sanded down to 120 grit in order to...........hopefully.......lay down some epoxy primer this weekend!

Bare glass is super thick

Wet out

Two fill coats rolled on. Good to go!

A good helper who now knows how to glass, sand, coat, and fill fiberglass is always a plus

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