Friday, May 8, 2015


The keels are all sanded smooth and ready for their first layer of 6" tape. I used wood flour and silica for the keel fillets, and they were a major PITA to sand down as a result. However, they are extremely burly and rock solid. I had to go out of town for a wedding this weekend, but I will be back at it on Monday when I plan to lay the tape, fillet sheer stringer undersides, and round off sheerstringers. Hopefully Tuesday will see some hullside glassing!


  1. The thing is almost done! She looks great overall. Neat job.

    May I ask if you will use plain weave 200 g/m2 fiberglass (nr 741-10 by WS) like Wharram suggests, or some other type? Like diagonally weaved?

    My Tiki is still 2D (all the bulkheads, buttlocks, stem & stern posts and some of the deck beams are cut out), but Im wondering if I made right decision in buying plain weave... maybe diagonal weave would have been smarter choice, as it stretches better around corners... havent done any glassing, so Im much of a novice in this area...

    Tiki 21 nr 960

  2. Hello Agur,

    Thanks for the compliments on Beto, and I'm stoked that you've decided to build a Tiki!

    I have used the plain weave (6oz in our US measurements) for everything on Beto. It has done really well bending around tight lips and edges. The sides of the cabin tops were my biggest concern because it is a pretty sharp bend, but the plain weave did fine with it. Just make sure you have some good fillets to help it make the bends.

    I hadn't done much glassing before I started either, but you get a lot of practice with glass tape along the keel and stuff before you have to go to the big pieces on the exterior. I also glass taped every joint on bulkheads and bunks for added strength and security when sailing offshore.

    Feel free to email me with any other questions during your build. I've learned a lot of tricks along the way!


  3. Hi Brad,

    Thanks a lot for your comments! Your blog has helped me a lot going through the process.

    Hopefully we see Beto soon on the water! :)