Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glassed (Whew!)

Well the hulls are fully glassed now! I have one layer of 6" tape along keels and two overlapping layers over the keel from the hullside pieces. So that's three layers of 6 oz which will be followed up with a layer of 1708 biaxial. I was going to lay the biax today, but after six hours of orbital sanding I decided I'm tired of glassing and will start prepping the decks this week. I'm going to install the beam sockets tomorrow and hatch coamings. My girlfriend is coming next weekend to help paint, so I really want to get the decks and beams ready for that. All I need to do on them is sand them and install the aforementioned pieces. I'll probably be priming on Friday! The sides are busted down to 80 grit now, and I will follow that up with 120 before I prime them. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to install some mini keels like Rory McDougall as well.

Getting Smooth!

Scary Angle, but she looks sick

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