Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Today I got the rest of the beam sockets ready and glued up. I also fitted some bases for the dodgers and mocked up the dodgers. I'm using a faux wood batten and will wrap it in 8 or so layers of fiberglass to form each dodger hoop. A central strip along the end of the main hatch rails will be the front connection for the dodger canvas. They will basically be like Cooking Fat's. My stepmom came out today and helped sand all of the crossbeam fillets which was a great help for me. I still need to do the bottom plank fillets on the mast crossbeam, so unfortunately I will be doing that tomorrow. I also hope to install the sheerstringer doublers, make the main and anchor locker hatches, and glass the anchor locker coamings tomorrow as well. I've started the mast foot and step and dolphin striker, so maybe I'll have time to get around to those tomorrow as well. She's getting close, but still looks rough and needs more sanding and coating of some more parts before I can prime her.

Dodger hoops will be fastened to the small blocks seen next to main hatch rails. I glued them up after I took this photo.


  1. Looks like your making Great Progress! Looks like a real boat! Hope when you do more work on design and construction of the dodger your give more details, like what faux wood gives that tight a bend without cracking??

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Edward. I will post some more pictures of the dodgers tonight. I had forgotten what the faux wood was, so I went back looking for it yesterday, and it is called PVC Lattice. I didn't see it at Lowes, only home depot. I'm going to staple and wrap glass around it and wet it out to stiffen it all up today.

  3. Cool, Thanks. I wonder if using PVC pipe would also work as a mold? I suppose the lattice stays in place or is it just a mold to slide out after the fiberglas is hardened?