Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Well the topsides have been weave filled and sanded. I'd say they are about 80 percent ready for painting. I need to install the hatch coamings for the anchor locker and main hatches before I can paint, and I plan to do this while the hulls are on their sides for glassing. I decided to go with a 19x24 inch main sliding hatch as opposed to the planned design as I think it will be a little more seaworthy for offshore sailing. A dodger is planned as well. Luckily my new shop has a welder next door, so he is probably going to do my dodgers and chainplates if we can work out a cheap deal. Today he helped me flip the hulls to start working on the keels and sides, and I (we) could tell Beto is putting on a few lb's! Today I sanded the keels down and ground down the copper wire remnants. This was followed by filling in the gaps between ply sides and keel strip from the top of the stems to the top of the skegs. Tomorrow I'll sand this fair and possibly apply some tape along the keels. The big thing for tomorrow is rounding off the bottom of sheerstringers and doing mini fillets along their length. If all goes as planned, you should see some glass on hullsides next Tuesday! I'm getting stoked being this close to the finish, and plan to throw down 10 plus hour days till she's launched.

A few bumps here and there from glassing when it was kind of cold and having the hardener kick before we could fully squeegee. All is well, as the areas affected will be coated with thick/bomber Kiwi Grip.

Look at this girl's curvesssssss

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